5 Ways to make a statement in your kitchen

Create a kitchen that makes a statement with this expert advice.

The kitchen is no longer just the room where you prepare meals. It can be a social and family hub, where people work, cook and hang out — you want it to be interesting and stylish, as well as functional.

Whether you’re overhauling the whole room or just looking to add some accessories, here are some things to try if you’re wanting to make a statement with your kitchen.

1. Use natural stone

Designer and co-founder of Anju Designs, Rebecca Reiken, says natural stone always makes a statement. Whether incorporating it into the benchtop, floors or walls, it is the fastest route to a sophisticated and polished look.

“To make the biggest impact, I would say do an amazing stone benchtop, something with some real character,” Rebecca starts.

“Even if you don’t have the budget for that, there are companies like Polytec that are doing really good composite stone at a lower price point than natural stone.”

For added sophistication, Rebecca recommends running the stone up your wall to create a feature splashback.

2. Add some statement appliances

If you’re not doing a full renovation, you can revolutionise what’s happening on your benchtops by changing up your small appliances.

Firstly, clean up and declutter the space. Then, co-ordinate some coloured accessories and benchtop appliances, like your kettle or toaster. Instead of white or stainless steel appliances, consider something with some statement appeal. 

3. Get creative with timber

We’re seeing a shift towards bolder choices in homes all-round.

“We’ve definitely moved away from white kitchens,” Anju Designs co-founder Penny Middlemiss says.

“People are moving toward soft greys instead. They want more colour or mid-tone timber veneer looks.”

When it comes to timber, your theme will dictate the shade and style. A Scandi theme may lend more to light timbers. Coastal or country-style kitchens may want distressed or raw timber, or even pastel painted timbers.

In a contemporary kitchen, the above-pictured mid-tone timber paired with black appliances and natural stone can make quite the statement.

4. Add a pop of colour

Only a few years ago, crisp, white kitchens were all the rage. Now, we’re welcoming some bold colour choices back into the mix.

At Anju Designs, the team says they’ve done two kitchens recently with blue hues. Other trending colours include sage green or buttery yellow. If you like something more dramatic, consider a sapphire blue or similar jewel tone with luxe black marble and timber.

If you’re wondering how to use colour, add a statement splashback or some designer-style stools. Alternatively you can go all out with your cabinets!

5. Opt for dramatic feature lighting

“Feature lighting is a big one,” Rebecca says. “If you’ve got some really amazing feature pendant lights, it can make a really big impact.”

If you have a kitchen with an island bench or breakfast bar, hanging some pendant lights above it will help you make a statement.

You could try something sculptural and modern — like something metallic, glass or enamel — or something more laid back and coastal, like rattan.

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