How To Beat A Post Lockdown Rush

With the current lockdowns, we’ve seen a perception among vendors that they should hold off and wait for restrictions to lift before listing their property. Yet we expect a post lockdown rush.

Property stock has remained low during the lockdown. However, demand has remained high like any commodity; supply and demand influence real estate prices. The shortage of properties for sale has continued to push rising prices and expensive sale prices for rundown properties.

NSW is on track for restrictions to be eased by mid-October. After a prolonged COVID lockdown, reaching the 70% double vaccination target will change a lot. It is anticipated that fully vaccinated people will travel freely around NSW, provided they are not coming from or going to an area deemed a “hotspot”. 

We expect to see a flood of ‘post lockdown’ listings with these changes and renewed confidence. Property inspections will resume. And we are encouraging vendors to take the leap and get ahead on the front of the wave.

Getting Ready To Sell

Preparing your property for listing has always been an essential part of the selling process, but we see this as crucial in the coming weeks. If you’re new to it or it’s been a while since you’ve sold a property, now is the time to start talking to one of our sales agents. Understanding what to focus on to get the best results will help you create a roadmap for your selling journey.

Getting an up-to-date property appraisal is essential. Not only in preparation for selling if you plan to refinance or even want to know the current value of your property.

The appearance of your property from the street is the starting point, as first impressions do count.  A good agent will guide you on where to start and when to invest your time and possibly money.

We’re here to help. If a traditional appraisal is something you’re uncomfortable with right now, then Coast & Country First National can offer you a ‘Drive-by’ assessment. 

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Terry Digger, Principal

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