Spring 2023 promises a vibrant blend of old and new styling trends for homes, offering opportunities for personalisation and sustainability. Whether you’re looking to revamp your space or prepare it for sale, here’s a concise guide to what’s hot this spring.

Vintage Maximalism:

Spring 2023 heralds the ‘granny chic’ trend, a blend of modern and vintage elements. It’s not about clutter but about taking a modern, polished approach to vintage pieces. This trend is sustainable, making room for antiques and upcycled items.

Statement Décor:

Maximalism also extends to bold, eye-catching décor. Think oversized artwork, sculptural furniture, and dramatic light fixtures. For a seasonal touch, fill vases with fresh, in-season flowers to liven up the room.

Curvaceous Styling:

Curves are in, from furniture to accessories. Expect arched mirrors, round ottomans, and soft lighting fixtures. This retro-inspired trend promises longevity.

Muted Tones:

Contrasting with the loud maximalist themes are soft, muted hues for a peaceful living space. Spring 2023 will favour soft earthy tones, warm neutrals, and powdery blues, creating a serene backdrop.

Textural Variety:

Texture plays a pivotal role in spring styling, from marble to bouclé and limewashed walls. Some of these may require investment, but smaller accents can achieve the same effect more affordably.

Natural Materials:

Natural elements like rattan, cane, and seagrass continue to be popular. They add an organic beauty and are also durable, fitting perfectly with the trend of sustainability.

Handcrafted One-offs:

The focus is shifting away from mass-produced items towards unique, handcrafted pieces. Items like intricate textiles and hand-blown glassware not only add uniqueness but also contribute to sustainable living.


Comfort is key this spring, especially in the form of cushions. Feather inserts are recommended, and the trends suggest a variety of textures and shapes, including the return of floor cushions.

Statement Rugs:

Rugs are becoming works of art, featuring bold patterns and colours that can transform a space entirely. They are no longer mere floor coverings but statement pieces in their own right.

Spring 2023 offers a plethora of options to revitalise your home. Whether it’s blending vintage elements, making bold statements, or embracing natural materials and handcrafted uniqueness, the season provides ample opportunities for a fresh start. And if selling is on the agenda, experts are available to match your stylish home with the perfect buyer.

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