Tips to Improve the Value of Your Home This Spring!

Cosying up under a plush blanket in front of the telly has had its season, so it’s time to store away the woollies, throw open the windows, get your spring cleaning out of the way, and welcome the fresh energy and warmer temperatures that are synonymous with spring into your home. And whether it’s for you to enjoy or to prepare your home for sale, there’s no better way to bring that fresh energy into your home than with a little interior and exterior zhoosh. Here’s how:

1. Get decked out

Warm sunshine calls for lazy afternoons outdoors with platters and cool beverages in easy reach and a beanbag or outdoor sofa to indulge in a sneaky sun-dappled snooze. Is your outdoor area up to the task? A well-planned, decked outdoor space extends your living to the outdoors for the warmer months, is perfect for entertaining, can wow buyers, and can also be a clever way to transform unused space into something useful. And yes, you can do it yourself!

2. An edible garden

Fresh juicy strawberries, crunchy and sweet sugar snap peas and flavoursome tomatoes can all be yours this summer for a fraction of store-bought prices. Creating your own veggie patch doesn’t need to take up much space, can save you loads of money and help reduce your environmental impact. Spring is the best time to get planting – so sow those seeds now for a summer bounty!

3. Change up your soft furnishings

There’s no easier (or more cost-efficient) way to introduce seasonal trends into your home than by changing up small décor items like cushions, towels, throws, ornamental pieces, and floor rugs. For spring 2022, earthy tones, artisan and handmade objects, pastels and natural finishes are the heroes of interior style. If you’re preparing your home for sale, these small touches can freshen up your home’s overall feel, making it more appealing to prospective buyers. And don’t forget your bathroom – a few luxurious bathroom upgrades can take the space from functional to fabulous.

4. Feature walls feature once again

Yes, the feature wall is back, but looking a little different to its previous iterations. These days, calming palettes and natural textures like stone, wood, plaster, limewash and exposed brick are the feature wall trend du jour. And best of all, these can be relatively simple to create in your home. Just find a deserving blank wall and get dreaming.

5. A splashback that makes a splash

Whether revamping an existing splashback or installing a new one, this is an easy and affordable way to breathe new life into your kitchen. As we all know, kitchens can sell houses, so if you’re looking to freshen things up, forget new cabinetry and benchtops and consider the impact a new splashback can have on the overall look and feel of the space. Whether it’s simple white subways, elegant marble, stainless steel, or a splash of colour, consider what will complement your existing fixtures and appeal to potential buyers. Finally, don’t forget the styling – here’s how to get your kitchen in shape.

6. Dust off your painting overalls

A fairly common approach to refreshing and adding value to your home is to touch up tired paint and cover up any outdated colours. Look for peeling windowpanes, interior scuff marks and damage that you can easily cover to create a clean canvas for prospective buyers. Paint like a pro with these tips.

7. Fabulous flooring

Rip up that old, tired carpet and either sand and polish your home’s floorboards (if you’re lucky enough to have them lurking under the carpet) or install new plank flooring for a clean, modern finish. Flooring comes in plenty of different varieties (and at varying price points) – from traditional hardwood to parquet, laminate and engineered – so you’ll need to do a little homework before getting started.

8. Sustainability gets sexy

Homes that save us money and ease pressure on the natural environment are more appealing than ever. And fortunately, there are plenty of easy swaps and additions that can make our homes more sustainable and, as a result, more attractive to buyers. Whether it’s simply switching to LED lighting, installing low-flow shower heads, or investing in solar panels, you’ll find these tips for a more efficient home [insert link to new blog, efficient home] will boost your home’s appeal and add value.

Refresh, add value and appeal

From big changes to small, freshening up your home and investing in some key areas can make all the difference when it comes to selling your home for the best possible price.

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