Virtual staging is a faster and less expensive option than classic home staging where a design expert comes into your property, to advise you on how it can look its best during the marketing campaign before it sells.

It may also be that the property’s on the market but hasn’t even finished being built! Virtual staging is all done electronically, with no heavy lifting required. It offers a simple and seamless solution to getting a property staged and ready for listing quickly. Home virtual staging involves computer generated interiors that can change the look of the property completely. Adjustments can be as simple as paint colour, curtains, and artificial views out of windows, to as complex as the virtual completion of renovations or construction, or the decorating of empty properties with the finest of virtual furniture and art. 

The benefit of virtual staging is that the cumbersome logistics of dealing with ‘stuff’ can be avoided. No furniture has to leave, and nothing has to be brought in. This means no long-term rental costs either and no fear of children damaging the rental décor and you losing your deposit. It does however mean that buyers who were impressed with the listing may be somewhat disappointed when they visit the empty lifeless property and realise, they were only ‘virtually’ seduced. Usually, agents can recommend home stagers or virtual stagers they know or will refer you personally via a call to the stager who will then contact you. Specialist companies who offer home virtual staging or digital staging can also be easily found online.

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